It’s natural to want to pigeonhole people, to put them into a box and limit them to one skill. You'll find that impossible with Robyn Payne.

Quite simply, Robyn is multi-talented. She is:
  • An accomplished multi-instrumentalist specialising in piano, keys, basses and guitars but with a natural ability to put her hand to most instruments
  • An award winning audio engineer especially skilled in miking techniques, audio editing, tuning and mixing
  • A music arranger proficient in more styles of music than any musician has a right to be! Robyn has arranged and produced great sounding albums in styles ranging from orchestral to jazz, from pop to ecletic experimental music. But she does have a special flair celtic, country, rock and adult contemporary.
  • Most of all, she's a brilliant music producer.

As a music producer, Robyn excels in taking a writer’s song and developing it in the way it naturally wants to go. She always puts the artist at ease when recording in order to achieve the best possible performance.

For the singer/songwriter without a band, Robyn’s arranging and multi-instrumental skills are the perfect compliment. Of course she also has access to the best session musicians and vocalists if required.

For the experienced artist or band who has a pretty good idea of what they want, Robyn can ‘make it so’. As a musician, she’s an engineer who can hear straight away if a take is not right or if someone is tiring and it's time to take a break. And she can speak to musos in their language. It all ensures a smooth, efficient and enjoyable recording session.